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Pre-Season is upon us!
You guys made it through the off season, it may not have been pretty for some of you, there were trades & retirements, but you guys survived!

" The sign of intelligence is that you are constantly wondering. Idiots are always dead sure about every damn thing they are doing in their life. "

- Sadhguru Jaggi Vasudev (via wordsnquotes)

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" Being alone is better than sitting next to a lover and feeling lonely. "

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keslaf I’m trying so hard, but I can’t :/

I’ve gotta be up at 8:30 to start getting ready for class… This isn’t okay


i love this blooper 

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So I have this medical condition called Alopecia that caused me to lose all of my hair.  I thought I’d make the best out of a bad situation and turn my head into a work of art. :)

Done by Abe at Tinta Cantina in Albuquerque, NM :)

" You don’t realize how alone you are until you’re staying up every night thinking about things you should never think of and you cant tell anybody because you have nobody to tell. "

- 4:26am
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i’m closer to the age 20 than 10 this isn’t good

I am 20… Oh my

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You seem pretty daring. Have you ever been arrested before?

Asked by Anonymous

Nope, never…
I wouldn’t really consider myself to be daring either



Mark Streit has seen some shit.

#he’s looking at the Flyers d core

so true.

2014-15 NHL season has started: a poem


the regular season is almost here
injuries are everywhere
What the fuck

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